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CCF 25th Anniversary Logo

CCF logo

Children’s Campaign Fund celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2015. It was a good time to revise the logo.

The new style moved away from the causal script font of the previous logo to employs a sans-serif font for Children’s and serif for Campaign Fund.


For the Love of Pilcrow

I’d love to find a use for the pilcrow.

This Smithsonian article has a nice summary on the origin and history of the pilcrow.

In late medieval writing, the pilcrow had become an ornamental symbol drawn in elaborate style, often in a bright red ink, by specialized rubricators, after a manuscript had been copied by scribes, who left spaces in the document explicitly for such embellishments.
Read the Smithsonian article “The Origin of the Pilcrow, aka the Strange Paragraph Symbol.”

Above is Trajan Pro, but I LOVE the Gazette character below. pilcrow in Gazette

This image comes from Mitternacht’s Flickr photostream.

Development Journal: JavaScript

Here is my staging area for a couple JavaScript projects.

Time of Day

Here is a little JS within html page that loads different images and colors based on time of day.

Browser Detection

Here is a page that can detect Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera. However feature detection is preferable to browser detection. Browser sniffing is an unreliable tool because it is difficult to determine which browser to identify, there are many different browsers and versions, browsers often identify as others and maintenance is time consuming. Here is a short YouTube video with a chap to tell you all about “Why Browser Sniffing Stinks.”

Logo Inspiration

While working on a web editing project for a local bike shop, I was taken with this logo by cargobike manufacture Metrofiets.

The concept of winged elephant brings to mind strength and agility. The text treatment for the company name is simple and straightforward, a must for a group with an invented name.

In addition to a cool logo, Metrofiets have some great bikes!

I add photos of interesting logos I see on the streets of Seattle to my Flickr logo set from time to time.